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Soviet Order of the Patriotic War - 1st Class Badge

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The Order of the Patriotic War is a Soviet military decoration that was awarded to all soldiers in the Soviet armed forces, security troops, and to partisans for heroic deeds during the German-Soviet War, known by the former-Soviet Union as the Great Patriotic War. It featured a red enamel five-pointed star, made of silver, with straight rays in the background, and crossed sabre and rifle. The rays in the background were golden for 1st Class and silver for 2nd Class. The central disc had a golden hammer and sickle on a red enamel background, surrounded by a white enamel ring with the words ОТЕЧЕСТВЕННАЯ ВОЙНА ("Patriotic War").

This is a Order of the Patriotic War pin, 1st class, based on the medal used by the Soviet Union. It is made of metal, highly detailed, with a shiny finish, and comes with a butterfly clasp fastener.

Type: 1st Class
Authenticity: Reproduction
Size: 3H x 3W x 0.5D cm
Material: Metal

We will not ship this item to any country that have banned this symbol.
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