303 Rifle Clip - 5x Dummy Rounds w Stripper - Original

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.303 British, or 7.7×56mmR, is a .303-inch (7.7 mm) calibre rifle and machine gun cartridge first developed in Britain and put into service in December 1888. It was the standard British and Commonwealth military cartridge until the 1950s. The initial .303 Mark I and Mk II service cartridges employed a round-nosed, copper-nickel full metal jacketed bullet with a lead core.
Notable firearms chambered for .303 British are the Bren light machine gun, Browning Model 1919 aircraft machine gun, Canadian Ross Rifle, Caldwell machine gun, Charlton Automatic Rifle, Farquharson rifle, Hotchkiss .303 MkI, Jungle Carbine, Lee-Enfield rifle, Lee-Metford, Lewis gun, McCrudden light machine rifle, P14 rifle, and the Vickers machine gun.

This is a set of 5x .303 dummy rounds and 1x stripper clip, based on the type used by Commonwealth forces during WWII. The rounds are made of metal, brass casings, nickel tips, and are coated in a frosted grey finish. The stripper is made of black coated steel, and has a maker stamp. All 5 rounds can easily be loaded and unloaded onto the stripper clip. The coating on the rounds can be removed to reveal the full metal is so desired.

The bullets are in used condition, original military surplus stock from 1943.The rounds and clip have signs of wear, the frosted grey finish on the rounds has worn off to some degree. Item appearance may differ to ones pictured depending on stock, the clip MK type may vary, and the rounds may be un-stamped. Sold as is.

Suitable for re-enactments, as film props, cosplay, fancy dress, and make an nice addition to your militaria collection.

Type: .303 Armourer Dummy
Authenticity: Original
Material: Steel, brass, nickel
Theatre: World War 2

No license or permit is required to purchase this item in Australia, as the bullets are not live rounds, and are inert. To be safe, we recommend make sure you are up to date with your applicable state laws. We advise these are for private home use only. This listing is for the 5x rounds and clip only, other items pictured such as the boxes are not included, are sold separately.

We will not ship these outside of Australia.
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