M42 Camouflage Mask Veil - Fall Oak Leaf

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Camouflage masks, commonly referred to as the sniper veil, were used by German army and Waffen SS units during World War 2. The first issue face veils were manufactured with meticulous attention to detail and were held in place by an elasticised band, similar to the ones used on other head gear like the gas mask. When not in use they could be draped back across the helmet, spun to the side of the helmet, or simply worn around the neck. This helped the veil from hindering vision when rapid movement was required. This option was not available to the non-elasticised version. The non-elasticised veil was usually field made so they were far less intricate, made using whatever material was available, and were often lesser quality as a result.

This is a M42 Camouflage mask, a reproduction based on the version used in World War 2. It is made of cotton blend material, in fall oak leaf pattern, with a two point sting cord tie. Has a slightly rough appearance.

Type: M42
Authenticity: Reproduction
Size: One size fits all
Colour: Fall Oak leaf
Weight: 100 gms approx.
Theatre: WW2

This listing is for the mask only, other items such as the helmet, helmet cover, or smock are not included, and are sold separately.

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We are unable to give an exact time, but if you are interested in purchasing this item please feel free to contact us to let us know, doing so may influence us to get them in sooner. We can contact you as soon as they are available again.
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