German Belt & Buckle - EM Heer - Black Leather

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The belt is standard piece of equipment for military personnel, for use in the field and for ceremonial purposes. The EM (Enlisted Man) belt was designed to carry the soldiers equipment. The standard belt was made out of leather, with the outward facing side coloured back, with the inside retaining its natural colour. The belt buckle was made from aluminium, but by mid war this was replaced with steel, and leather tabs were removed. Gott mit uns (God with us) was a phrase commonly used on armour in the German military from the German Empire to the end of the Third Reich.

This is a German EM belt and buckle, a reproduction based on the version used in World War 2. The belt is made of soft leather, is painted black on the outside with a shiny finish, and has white stitching. The buckle and belt clip/catch are made of steel, and the buckle has two fastener prongs and clip fastener. The front is detailed with "Gott mit uns" and the back has a GB makers stamp. The belt has an adjustment strip with 6 sets of holes, comes with a clip joined leather fastener loop, and suits light to medium equipment weight loads.

Suitable for parade or regular impression, as a prop for films and TV, or add to your militaria collection as a display item. Not recommended for hardcore re-enacting.

Belt Size Large:
Height: 4.4cm
Total length: 43" (109cm)
Adjustable size: 37-41" (93/104cm)

Authenticity: Reproduction
Colour: Black & brown
Material: Leather, metal
Weight: 180 gms approx.
Theatre: WW2

These belts are designed primarily to be wore atop the uniform/tunic, be sure to measure your waist size when wearing the top half of your uniform/tunic to determine the size you require.

We will not ship this item to with its buckle to Germany or any countries that have banned this symbol.

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