German Grenade Carrier Pouch Pair - Splinter B

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Grenade Pouches were issued to German forces throughout the Second World War. Their main purpose was to give solders the ability to carry more grenades and allow for easier access during combat. The grenade pouches issued in the Splinter B camouflage pattern were specially designed for Paratroopers (Fallschirmjager), as they were less complex to manufacture than other variants and featured zippers on each pouch. Towards the closing years of the war the strategic situation forced Germany and its Allies were forced to take defensive measures to counter the Allied invasion, this meant that Fallschirmjager units were often used as ground troops, and as equipment became scarce it was often shared between different branches of the military, despite the official regulations.

This is a grenade carrier pouch pair, reproduction based on the version used in World War 2. It is quality made of cotton poplin fabric, in splinter B pattern, with twill connecting webbing straps and metal RiRi zippers. Each is pouch is designed to carry 3x M24 stick grenades, 6x in total can be safely zipped up and stowed between the two.

Use during re-enactments, fancy dress, as a prop for films and TV, fancy dress, or add to your militaria collection as a great display item.

Authenticity: Reproduction
Colour: Splinter B
Material: Cotton poplin, Leather, Metal.
Theatre: WW2

This listing is for the Grenade Carrier Pouch Pair only, other items pictured are not included, and are sold separately.
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