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Sturmbatallion 24 - Pin

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During the First World War the German army put up a total of 17 so-called storm battalions and two independent Storm companies. In 1915 the military leaders realized the military leaders on the Western Front, the traditional ways of the infantry were no longer sufficient to proceed again to move out of action by the trench warfare. The new weapons, such as machine guns (MG), mortars and infantry guns, increasingly dominated the battlefield and favored the defenders. Territorial gains of a few hundred meters were usually achieved only with disproportionate losses.

This is a Sturmbatallion 24 Pin, it is a high quality solid piece, made of metal, is exceptionally detailed and polished smooth. Comes with a butterfly clasp fastener.

Authenticity: Reproduction
Size: 3.3 x 3.3 cm
Material: Metal
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