F1 Soviet Frag Grenade - Dummy Replica

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The Soviet F1 hand grenade, is an anti-personnel fragmentation defensive grenade. Based on the French F1 grenade and contains a 60 gram explosive charge (TNT). Due to its shape, it is nicknamed the limonka (lemon-like), similar to the American M26 "lemon grenade". The UZRGM fuse is a universal Russian type also used in the RG-41, RG-42, RGO-78, RGN-86 and RGD-5 grenades. The F1 was introduced during World War II and subsequently redesigned post-war. The F1 has been supplied to various countries, and there are different production variations according to country of origin (in terms of finish, markings and spoon/lever design). Even though it is no longer officially in production, it can still be encountered in combat zones today.

This is a F1 Soviet hand grenade, dummy replica model based on the Russian variant. Made of wood, with a metal lever and pin/ring, detailed with a makers stamp, it is painted green with a metallic fuse, and shiny finish. These have been designed as props, they are completely safe dummy non-functioning grenades, and do not contain an explosive charge.

Military re-enacting, as training dummies, props for film makers or photographers, and make an nice addition to any militaria collection as a display item.

Type: Dummy
Size: 12.5H x 6.5W cm
Colour: Dark green
Weight: 100 gms (approx.)
Material: Wood, metal

We will not ship these outside of Australia.

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