M42 SS Smock - Reversible Plane Tree No 3 Camouflage

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In 1937 during the second world war, the Germans were first issued with camouflage, the Splinter Pattern was originally used for tents but was later fashioned into camouflage smocks for the infantry, while Platanenmuster was worn by snipers, panzer crews and the Waffen-SS. Designed baggy as pull-over garments to be worn over the field tunic as well as the greatcoat. In 1942, several design changes were made to be worn with the field gear on the outside the smock, the vertical openings were removed, the waistband was raised and two slash pockets were placed below it. Small loops grouped in threes, were added around the shoulders for attaching foliage. Flecktarn, an updated version of the earlier plane tree pattern, is still used by the modern German Bundeswehr.

This is a M42 Reversible Camouflage Smock, a reproduction based on the version used in World War 2. It is high quality made of cotton poplin, in plane tree camouflage pattern No3, with steel pebble buttons. It is completely reversible with identical features on both sides, it has 2x front pockets, 3x loops on the shoulder neck, upper arms, and has adjustable drawstring neck, waist and wrists.

It is a large size, but as they are designed to be worn over the uniform, they are not the comparable to the standard international size of a large jacket, be sure to check your measurements before purchase. Item may differ slightly in colour to one pictured.

Use during re-enactments, war games, airsoft, hiking, camping, hunting, fancy dress/cosplay, or add to your militaria collection as a great display item.

Size Chart:
Size Chest Length Sleeves Cuff
Large 115 cm 76 cm 66 cm 18 cm

Type: M42 Smock
Authenticity: Reproduction
Colour: Camouflage Pattern No3
Material: Cotton poplin
Theatre: WW2
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