Iron Cross Medal w Ribbon - EK II 1914 Replica

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The Iron Cross was a military decoration of the Kingdom of Prussia and was first awarded on 10 March 1813 in Breslau, during the Napoleonic Wars. The Iron Cross was also awarded during the Franco-German War and the First World War. The Iron Cross was awarded for bravery in battle as well as other military contributions in a battlefield environment. A holder of the 1914 Iron Cross to be awarded a second or higher grade of the 1939 Iron Cross. The front has a crown on the upper arm, a "W" in the center, and the date 1914 on the lower arm. The reverse has a Crown at the top of the Upper arm. Below the crown are the letters "FW". In the center are three oak leaves, and on the lower arm there is the date 1813.

This is an Iron Cross Medal 2nd Class 1914 replica, based on the version from World War 1. A quality reproduction, made of metal, is highly detailed, and comes with a black and white ribbon, and pin. The medal is reversible, and can be worn with the W 1914 side facing out, or with the FW oak leaves 1813. The medal is of one piece construction, with the eyelet facing side on with D-ring attachment for the ribbon.

Worn with a uniform or as part of a display, these medals are a great collectable. They are great for war re-enacting, as props, and make an excellent addition to your militaria collection as a great display item.

Type: 1914 2nd Class V1
Authenticity: Reproduction
Medal Size: 4.5 x 4.5 cm
Ribbon Size: 3W x 9L cm (approx)
Material: Metal
Theatre: World War 1

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