M36 EM Shoulder Straps - Black Board w Red Pipe

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The Shoulder-straps (Schulterklappen) and shoulderboards (Schulterstücke) was used to identify a solders rank and the specific unit he belonged to. For junior enlisted men the epaulettes in part indicate the wearer's unit together with his sub-branch if any. The German army and part of the Wehrmacht inherited its uniforms and rank structure from the Reichsheer of the Weimar Republic (1921–1935). These ranks and insignia were specific to the Heer and in special cases to senior Wehrmacht officers in the independent services; the uniforms and rank systems of the other branches of the Wehrmacht, the Luftwaffe (Air Force) and Kriegsmarine (Navy), were different, as were those of the SS which was a Party organization outside the Wehrmacht. Schulterklappen were generally not worn with the fatigue uniform, nor with camouflage smocks and parkas which used an alternate system of rank insignia.

This is a pair of M36 EM shoulder strap replicas, based on the version used in World War 2. They are quality reproductions, coloured black, with red piping. They have been designed to fold and button onto a variety of German uniforms.

Type: M36 EM
Authenticity: Reproduction
Colour: Black, Red
Size: 23L x 5W cm
Theatre: WW2

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