German Army Y-Strap Type 3 - Leather

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The Y-Strap or Y-belt was introduced in 1939, designed for load bearing to evenly distribute the weight of the soldiers field equipment. Initially intended for Infantrymen in rifle companies, but later on it was also used by other units. Originally referred to as 'belt suspenders' or 'holder braces’ but are commonly known as Y-straps because of their shape. Latter in the war stitching was visible on the front.

This is a German Army Y-Strap, a reproduction based on the version used in World War 2. It is made of stiff leather, with enamel coated steel fittings, and white stitching. It features adjustment fasteners, leather anchor strips, as well as D-Rings for attaching to a rucksack or A-Frame. The auxiliary support straps are riveted to the main straps stitched with a protective piece, fasteners, metal D-rings and adjustment buttons.
The back strap attaches to a metal ring sewn onto a protective piece with 2 leather tabs, a fastener, as well as an adjustment button, and a belt hook. It is full size wearable, is 3 point adjustable, and one size fits all. These straps are slighter longer and has stiffer leather than the other Y-Straps we offer.

The straps show signs of storage wear, the leather and front metal clips have minor surface cracks.

Y straps were designed to be worn hooked onto a field belt, with the fasteners attached to ammo pouches and equipment, but were also hooked straight on to the belt, or attached to additional D-ring belt loops. They make a great addition to a uniform set, for re-enactments, fancy dress, as a prop or an addition to any militaria collection.

Type: Y-Straps V3
Authenticity: Reproduction
Colour: Black & Brown
Material: Leather & Metal
Weight: 400 gms approx.
Theatre: WW2

This listing is for the Y Strap only, other items are not included, and are sold separately.

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