M34 German Officer Crusher Cap w Waffen SS insignias - Artillery
[M34 German Elite Officer Crusher Cap w Waffen SS insignias - Artillery]

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The M1934 field cap was characterized by its high front peak, sewn branch colour around the crown, and with a black wool band on the upper and lower portions of the cap. The visor was soft and flexible compared to the stiff like the Vulcan type regular service cap and came without chin cords. The artillery crusher cap used by branch officers, from Heer (Army), to Waffen SS and Panzer Divisions. In 1940 the SS regulations permitted the wearing of different coloured piping on the caps. The M34 field cap with the leather visor for commissioned officers began to be called "Old Style Officer's" after the introduction of the "New Style Officer's" field cap in 1938.

This is a M34 Elite Officer Crusher Cap replica, based on the version used by the Artillery branch in World War 2. It is a quality reproduction, made with gabardine fabric, has a leather visor, artificial silk lining, rayon and cowhide sweatband, flannel piping, and a maker's diamond factory plate. Comes complete with embroidered eagle and death's head insignias. It is full size and wearable.

Use during re-enactments, fancy dress, as a prop for films and TV, or add to your militaria collection as a display item.

Type: M34 Crusher Cap
Authenticity: Reproduction
Colour: Field Grey Green
Material: Gabardine, rayon, leather.
Size: Large - EU: 59 cm - USA: 7 3/8"
Weight: 600 gms approx.
Theatre: WW2

Please Note:
Viking Division and its employees do not in any way endorse or affiliate with any political organizations or groups past or present. The items available are for historical purposes only.

This item will be shipped without the insignias to Germany, and any other country that have banned these symbols.

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