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Norseman Viking Head Ring - Stainless Steel

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The Vikings were the Norse explorers, warriors, merchants, who raided, traded, explored and settled in wide areas of Europe, Asia and the North Atlantic islands from the late 8th to the mid-11th century. In Norse mythology, Thor is a hammer-wielding God and the son of Odin. Thor is associated with thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, strength, destruction, fertility, healing, and the protection of mankind. Into the modern period, Thor continued to be acknowledged in rural folklore throughout Germanic regions.

This is a Norseman Viking Head ring, it is a high quality, made of stainless steel, with exceptional 3D embossed detail, a solid piece made to last. It is polished and smooth for a comfortable feel and fit, and can be taken on and off with ease.

US 8 (UK Q) - 57 mm - In Stock
US 9 (UK R) - 60 mm - Out of Stock

Colour: Silver tone
Material: Stainless Steel

FAQ: Will this ring fit my finger?
You can measure you finger width with a fabric measuring tape, or a use a ring sizer. There are several websites you can Google that have the ring size info, and there are videos about it at places like Youtube.

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