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Wolf Head Ring - Stainless Steel

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Wolves appear prominently in the folklore and mythology of holarctic human cultures. In Norse and Japanese mythology, wolves were portrayed as near deities. The wolf Sk├Âll in Norse mythology was depicted pursuing the setting sun. in Japan, grain farmers worshiped wolves at shrines and left food offerings near their dens, beseeching them to protect their crops from wild boars and deer. Other cultures portrayed wolves as part of their foundation myths: in Irish mythology, Cormac mac Airt is raised by wolves,while in Roman mythology, the Capitoline Wolf nurses Romulus and Remus, the future founders of Rome.

This is a Wolf Head ring, it is a high quality, made of stainless steel, with exceptional 3D embossed detail, a solid piece made to last. It is polished and smooth for a comfortable feel and fit, and can be taken on and off with ease.

Colour: Silver tone
Material: Stainless Steel

US 8 (UK Q) - 57 mm - In Stock
US 9 (UK R) - 60 mm - In Stock

FAQ: Will this ring fit my finger?
You can measure you finger width with a fabric measuring tape, or a use a ring sizer. There are several websites you can Google that have the ring size info, and there are videos about it at places like Youtube.

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