Wolf Hook Shield - Unisex T-Shirt - Double Sided

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The Wolfsangel ("wolf-hook") is term for certain heraldic charges. The Wolfsangel is said to be an old symbol of Nordic mysticism which has magical qualities for trapping wolves or for warding off wolves depending on the users intent. In the 15th century it was adopted as an emblem of the German peasants’ revolt. Ever since it has been regarded as symbolic of liberty and independence. While the symbol itself bears a parallel to the Eihwaz rune, none of the modern symbols now called the Wolfsangel are historically part of any runic alphabet. The earliest documented claim that the shape is runic in origin can be traced to Guido von List's alleged mental vision of 18 "Armanen runes" in 1902—which is to say that it is without historical basis. The figure he calls the "Gibor rune" has a similar shape, and he attributes to it a g sound. According to List, it is the 18th and final member of the alleged original rune row (the Younger Futhark has 16 runes).

This is an Wolf Hook Shield t-shirt, in a unisex style. The t-shirt is made of 100% combed cotton, durable mid-weight fabric, semi-fitted sportage brand, with an image on the front and back.


This is a second hand ex-promotional item, has signs of wear, and is in average condition. Last of it's kind as it is no longer in production.


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Please Note:
We will not ship this item to Germany or any countries that have banned this symbol.