Imperial Eagle Crest - Unisex T-Shirt - Double Sided - Grey

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In medieval and modern heraldry the eagle has been used by countless nations throughout history. The eagle symbolized strength, courage, farsightedness and immortality. Eagles are often said to indicate that the armiger (person bearing the arms) was courageous, a man of action and judicious. Where an eagle's wings were spread it was said to indicate the bearer's role as a protector.
In Mythology it is considered to be the king of the air and the messenger of the highest Gods. Connected by the Greeks with the God Zeus, by the Romans with Jupiter, by the Germanic tribes with Odin, by the Judeo-Christian scriptures with God. In Ancient Egypt, the falcon was the symbol of Horus, and in Roman polytheism of Jupiter. The Reichsadler ("Imperial Eagle") was the heraldic eagle, derived from the Roman eagle standard, used by the Holy Roman Emperors and in modern coats of arms of the German Empire.

This is an Imperial Eagle Crest t-shirt, in a charcoal grey unisex style. The t-shirt is made of 100% combed cotton, durable mid-weight fabric, semi-fitted sportage brand, with an image on the front and back. Printed in Australia.

This is a second hand ex-promotional item, has been worn, but is in good condition. Last of it's kind as it is no longer in production.


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