MC1 Gas Mask Filter - Original

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The M1 is a direct copy of the US M9A1 Gas Mask, following a trend of that time along with the Finnish M61 and Swedish M51. The Yugoslavian M1 gas mask was issued to all military personnel and all civilians from the late 1960s to late 1995. The M1 was used during the entirety of the Yugoslav wars. Like the M9a1, it uses a 60mm thread for the filter. The mask was produced in two models: the M-1, and the MC-1. The mask is made of a light greenish blue rubber, and uses a light O.D metal for the lens rims. The filter is the same colour as the lens rims.

This is a MC1 gas mask filter, original surplus. Made of metal, comes with a metal cap and instruction booklet. Is used and has signs of wear, sold as is.

Is discounted as it has 2 broken left straps, and sold as is.

Great for collectors, as a prop for film makers, for Halloween, fancy dress, post apocalyptic fallout cosplay, and make a great display item.

Type: MC1
Authenticity: Original
Colour: Green
Filter: Green 60mm (Expired)
Date: 1985
Origin: Yugoslavia
Weight: 350 gms approx.
Material: Metal

This filter is out of date and is expired, so it is longer be suitable to wear or function effectively to protect against nuclear fallout, gas, or any other airborne agents. We do not recommend using the filter, do so at your own risk.
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