M1910 Imperial Prussian Field Cap - Jager

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The 1910 field cap or "Feldmütze" was a cap used by the by the Imperial German Army during World War II. Fitted to the cap were metal cockades, the upper being the National, or Reich cockade, the lower representing the location to which the soldier's regiment was recruited. Although many of the regions were administered by Prussia, others maintained to some degree a more independent status, therefore the lower cockade indicated that distinction. Varying coloured bands and pipings of the Feldmütze also served to further distinguish the branch of service the soldier belonged, for example red represented the Foot Guards & infantry, a black band piped red was used by technical troops, blue for Train, Light Infantry (Jäger) light green. As this cap is of grey-green with its mid-green band and piping together with Prussian cockade, indicates that the wearer served with a Prussian Jäger battalion.

This is a M1910 Imperial Jager field cap replica, based on the version used in World War 1. It is a quality reproduction, made of wool, cotton-linen farbic lining, with a green band, green piping and comes with painted metal cockade badges.

Use during re-enactments, fancy dress, as a prop for films and TV, or add to your militaria collection as a display item.

Type: M1910 Jager
Authenticity: Reproduction
Colour: Black
Material: Wool, cotton
Size: Medium - 60 cm
Weight: 400 gms approx.
Theatre: WW1
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