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Sniper 9.5cm Rifle Bullet Cigar Lighter - Novelty

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A sniper is a highly trained marksman who operates alone or in pair who maintain close visual contact with the enemy and engages targets from concealed positions or physical distances exceeding the detection capabilities of the enemy personnel, without being detected. A bullet is a projectile propelled by a firearm, sling, or air gun.

This is a 9.5cm Sniper Rifle Bullet shaped cigar lighter. It is quality made of metal, highly detailed, and it is refillable. The lighter fits in the palm of the hand, the flame comes out from the bottom and triggered by pressing the button slide on the base. The bullet tip can be unscrewed and removed to reveal the inside components for refilling purposes. Looks and feels like real ammunition.

Use as a general purpose lighter, as a film prop, cosplay, a paperweight, display item, or addition to any militaria collection.

Authenticity: Reproduction
Size: 9.5H x 1.5W cm
Material: Metal

These lighters are sold as is, and are supplied empty due to transit safety requirements, so they will require re-filling. Be sure to take care when re-filling the lighter, as the parts are fragile, and use quality approved lighter fluid. Failure to do so may result in damage, and we cannot offer replacements if this occurs.

Please Note:
This is not, and never was a real bullet, nor can it be use as ammunition. Be sure to use this lighter responsibly, this is not a toy, and it is not to be used by children. We advise that International customers make sure that this item is legal to import/own, and be up to date by checking the applicable laws.

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