Arm Bracer - Studded Lace Up - Black Leather

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A bracer or arm-guard is an ancient form of armour that protects the wearers arm, as well as add melee offensive capabilities when spikes are added. Armour has been used throughout recorded history. It has been made from a variety of materials; from rudimentary leather protection, personal armour evolved to Mail and full plated suits of armour. For much of military history the manufacture of metal armour in Europe has dominated the technology and employment of armour. Armour was the single most influential factor in the development of firearms that revolutionised warfare.

This is a studded lace up arm bracer, it is quality made of PU leather and metal, is light weight, durable, flexible for comfort and is size adjustable. It is lace up and has seven holes to allow size adjustment, will suit most arms from small to large build.

Wear around your arm for fashion, great for medieval re-enactments, metal/punk bands, fancy dress costumes, cosplay, or as a film/tv prop.

These are for fashion/display purposes only, and are not intended for any other use, including potentially dangerous activities. Although the studded arm bracers are legal to own in Australia, we advise they are for private home use only, display in public at own risk.

Size: 22W x 18H cm
Material: PU Leather and Metal
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