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FAQ: Cost of postage?
Postage is calculated based on destination and is displayed in the shopping cart and during the checkout process. We aim to be fair with postage costs and reflect the actual changes of the shipping service, plus packaging and handling. Australia Posts international service can be quite expensive, particularly to places like the USA, and countries in Zone 3. If packages are surcharged lower than expected by the post office, we either upgrade the service or refund that additional cost back to the customer. The Australia Post service charges do shift occasionally but we aim to be up to date and as accurate as possible with their prices.

FAQ: When will you get an item in stock/back in stock?
When an item is listed as Out of Stock, it means the item will be back in stock asap. If an item is no longer listed on the site, it means it may not be available for a longer period, or we are no longer selling that item. Items listed as Coming Soon means we have ordered it in, or plan to have it in stock shortly, an ETA will often be added to the listing soon after.

FAQ: Can you hold an item for me?
No, we can only hold items if they are listed as pre-order, pre-purchase, or once they have been paid for in full and payment has been confirmed.

FAQ: Do I need a permit or license to purchase an item within Australia?
No license or permit is required to purchase an item unless stated.

FAQ: Do I need a permit or license to purchase a Bullet Belt or Dummy Bullets?
No license permit or license is required to purchase or own Bullet Belts in Australia, as the bullets are inert, which means they are non-firing/non-functioning. They are completely safe to ship, and can be purchased like any other item, and we ship it to your door. The only reason anyone in Aus would need a permit is if they tried to import bullet belts from overseas themselves. Fortunately we have taken care of all the paperwork and legalities so that you dont have to. Bullet Belts are available Australia wide, in all states.

FAQ: How do I know if it is legal to purchase, own, or import an item to my country?
Certain listings will contain information in relation to the item, but this information is limited and provided as is. To be safe, we recommend you ensure you are up to date with your applicable state/federal laws.

FAQ: Do you offer wholesale?
Not at this stage.

FAQ: I want to sell something, are you interested in buying/trade?
We are open to discuss the possibility, but it does depend on the item and its condition.

Please feel free to contact us with any further questions, and we would be happy to help in any way we can. Thank you.

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